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Business Development

Job Description

    • Guide customers throughout their customer experience journey – from onboarding through to repeat orders
    • Serve as the primary point of contact and develop a trusted advisor relationship with customers to ensure service/product usage achieves full value.
    • Monitor delivery shipments from start to finish to ensure successful delivery
    • Take ownership of escalated delivery issues and follow problems through to resolution
    • Manage customers’ community group
    • Use customer data and analytics to uncover opportunities for new feature adoption,  up-selling & business direction.
    • Identify churn risks and collaborate with the relevant internal teams to remediate and ensure a successful renewal
    • Educate customers on the most recent updates and enhancements to our products / services / communities
    • Act as the customers advocate, providing constant feedback with internal teams to improve the customer experience, product offerings & product/service features enhancement.
    • Monitor performance and end-to-end movement of deliveries be it across external or internal parties
    • Perform related tasks for customer success management department
    • Initiating telephone and email contact with customers to help them achieve their dreams.

Job Requirement

  • Candidates must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree / Diploma or have business experiences related.


  • Full time position.


  • Required Language: English, Bahasa Malaysia


  • Can communicate in front of the camera if necessary


  • Has public relations skills


  • Have experience treating customers

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