Rising Demand, But Still Lack of Investors & Market Players Tackling These Issues: Men’s Sexual Health
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Men's Health Market in South East Asia

In Southeast Asia, a significant industry that’s often swept under the rug is men’s sexual health.

It’s a huge market, but still underserved.

Believe it or not,

All men will encounter some degree of sexual health issues as they age.

However, there is no mainstream or widely accepted solution available in the market.

Sex problems among south east asia men

While awareness is slowly increasing, talking about it remains a taboo in many cultures.

It creates a big gap between the need for solutions and what’s actually available.

Since 2018, we at SuamiSihat have been working hard to fill this gap by providing comprehensive healthcare solutions aimed at improving men’s wellness and supporting stronger relationships.



Understanding the Market

The market for men’s sexual health care in Southeast Asia is both large and growing, driven by a greater understanding of sexual health and a slowly shifting perspective on the topic.


TAM Mens Health Malaysia

In Malaysia alone, with a market size of RM1.74 billion (about USD 416 million) and growing at a rate of 8% each year, it’s clear there’s a significant demand for these services.

However, effective solutions are few and far between, leaving many men without the help they need.



The Men’s Health Market Overview

In much of Southeast Asia, the approach to men’s sexual health often involves unclinical and unethical solutions, such as over-the-counter “ubat kuat” (strength medicine) or traditional remedies like minyak lintah (leech oil).


These are not only ineffective but can be harmful, highlighting a severe lack of proper health education and trustworthy healthcare options.

At SuamiSihat, we’ve recognized the necessity for genuine awareness and education.

Events, Podcast, App SuamiSihat

Since 2019, we’ve built a community of around 35,000 individuals, predominantly husbands, who actively participate in our webinars and events, helping to raise awareness and change perceptions around men’s health.



Lack of Men’s Healthcare Facilities

Additionally, the scarcity of specialized men’s health clinics further illustrates the gap in the market.

Lack of men's sexual clinic in Southeast Asia

If asked to name five top brands that focus solely on men’s health clinics, most people would struggle.

This is not just a reflection of a market in its infancy but also an opportunity for significant growth and impact.



It Causes More Problems, and Yes, More Opportunities

In Malaysia, sexual health issues are the leading cause of marital disruptions. 

It undermine men’s confidence, trigger insecurity, and affect intimate relationships.

This not only impacts individual families but also poses broader national challenges.

As Malaysia faces declining fertility rates and an aging population, with predictions to become a “super-aged” society by 2040, these sexual health problems contribute to a shrinking workforce and potential economic downturns.

It highlights the urgent need for effective healthcare solutions like those provided by SuamiSihat to address and mitigate these critical issues.


Somebody Has To Rise & Challenge the Industrial Complex

Yes, it’s a demanding industry, but SuamiSihat has already made significant progress halfway through.

By only bootstrapping the business, we’ve successfully addressed the issues and gained significant traction.

At SuamiSihat, we’ve developed a range of services that go beyond just treating symptoms. We aim to get to the heart of health issues through a variety of offerings:

SuamiSihat Sales & Reveue 2023

Clinically Proven Supplements: We provide specially formulated supplements that meet the unique health needs of men, available both online and at our pharmacy partners.

Men’s Wellness Clinics: Opened in March 2023, our clinics offer tailored treatments and medications, focusing on privacy and expert care.

Sexual Education Forum: We run a community platform where men can anonymously discuss and learn about health issues, which helps build a supportive environment.

We’re also stepping up our game with innovative health tech solutions.

Our upcoming app will make it easier for men to manage their health, with features for monitoring their well-being, consulting with doctors remotely, and finding community support.



Growth and Future Plans

Since starting up, SuamiSihat has quickly grown, reaching RM22 million in revenue by leveraging advanced technology and community engagement.

SuamiSihat Projection

This success shows just how much our services are needed and how well they’re being received.

As we look to the future, we plan to broaden our reach and deepen our impact across Malaysia & Southeast Asia.

We’re looking to enhance our products distribution, app features, pharmacy partners, and then expand our clinic network, & continuously improve our services to meet the growing demands.



An Invitation to Join Us

Men's Health Clinic in malaysia

Our journey is about making bold moves and creating significant changes.

As SuamiSihat grows, we invite investors and partners who want to be part of a meaningful project.

Investing in SuamiSihat isn’t just about good business sense—it’s about making a real difference in the lives of men across the region.
C Suite SuamiSihat

For investors and potential partners, SuamiSihat offers a profitable opportunity in a market ripe for innovation.

We are here to dominate the market size, not just participate.

By supporting us, you’re investing in a future where men’s health issues are openly addressed and effectively managed.

Let’s work together to make men’s health services more accessible and effective across Southeast Asia.

We’re looking for investors in this Seed-Stage phase.

Join us in making a lasting impact with SuamiSihat.

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