Nu Caffe Tongkat Ali


  • 50mg of Physta Extract per sachet
  • Instant Arabica Coffe
  • No Sugar Added, with non dairy creamer
  • Increases energy & strengthen the body
  • Proven claims, real benefits
  • Functional performance coffee
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100% Arabica coffee and Physta extracts, blended to perfection to provide just the right balance of taste and aroma, with the benefits of Tongkat Ali in every cup. Gives you the exciting start to make your day great!


Boosting performance at each sip.

Drink coffee but does not gives you any positive effect? No worries, you have found the perfect coffee! Nu-Caffe is the only coffee you will ever need. Contains the premium Physta extracts, it will sure be your best friend during the day. Did we tell you that it has undeniably good taste too?



  • 50mg of Physta Extract per sachet
  • Proven claims, real benefits
  • Functional performance coffee


Best Blended of Premium Ingredients

Using only the best 100% Arabica coffee beans and the best Physta extract, this formulation gives you the best blend of strength and stamina in every sip.


The Right Amount of Physta for the Best Result

It is clinically proven that 50mg of premium Physta extract is all you need for a long lasting effect.


Anyone Can Drink It

Just like the best coffee brew but added with all natural benefits of premium Physta extract which anyone and everyone can drink it.


With a Quality That You Can Trust

Made in GMP certified factory with stringent quality standards. It is assured that every sachet of Nu-Caffe Tongkat Ali consistently packs the same premium ingredients that you can trust.



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